​We are building a dynamic team of courageous and committed individuals who believe in the limitless potential of themselves and others. We believe that the word job stands for just over broke.

80% of people employed by someone else feel that their career is stressful and unfulfilling. They lose thousands of hours per year, spending time away from the people and things they love, all so they can trade each minute for a FINITE amount of money. They do this because they truly believe this is just how it has to be. Everyone else seems to live their lives this way, so why should I expect to be any different???

We are sharing this opportunity with you, because you are entitled--whether you work at Wendy's or on Wall Street--to create freedom in your life right now, and to experience the same increase in personal growth, integrity, purpose and abundance that we and so many others are enjoying every single day.

Our vision:



Before you start speculating about what you may or may not find on these pages, keep in mind that this is nothing complicated, convoluted or crooked (in fact, it's the opposite of all of those). Our objective here is NOT to sell you a product; there is no scheme; and no one is trying to get you. This is about authenticity and altruism, not making a quick buck. Our objective is to educate you on this wonderful profession, and to learn how we can help you. 

​If we told you that you could create an additional stream of income--enough to cover several of your monthly bills at least--without having to sacrifice a lot of additional time, without a large investment, and without any formal training, would you be interested? What if we told you that this income would be based on the number of people whose lives you impact in a positive way?

This isn't just any other home-based business. We are not looking for salespeople, nor customers, nor people simply seeking an income-generating hobby. We are looking for good, honest, bright, entrepreneurial-minded people who are happy at their core, thirsty for personal growth, and deeply gratified by helping others. Respect yourself. You deserve freedom and choices in your life now, not 40 years from now. 


Are you a student? Corporate Exec? Registered nurse? Real Estate Salesperson? Spa professional? Waiter? Full-time mom? Personal trainer? Flight attendant? Some of us have been four or more of those. We were tired, stressed out, burnt out, and couldn't remember what a 'weekend' was. If we weren't struggling financially (and most of us were), then we were struggling to find the time to actually live outside of our work. Then we found solutions for all of that, right hereNow, we are on a mission to share those solutions with you.
It's time to rewrite your future.